The Meet the Citizen: My way through the Europe labyrinth information project is a 5-country initiative of the European House Budapest to raise awareness and understanding on the achievements of the EU’s cohesion policy influencing citizens’ daily life using concrete examples.

Our main project public event is the Europe Labyrinth Tour during which a real labyrinth installation will be set up in Kecskemét (HU), Kosice (SK), Osijek (HR), Olomouc (CZ) and Timisoara (RO). 

Here are the dates:

5 July 2019 – Kecskemét (HU)
30 August 2019 – Kosice (SK)
5 September 2019 – Osijek (HR)
16 September 2019 – Olomouc (CZ)
6 October 2019 – Timisoara (RO)

Hope to meet you at one of these locations! Join us to learn more about the cohesion policy of the European Union!