Czech railway infrastructure manager, SŽDC, will invest CZK 43.7 billion (EUR 1.7 billion) for the modernisation of its network, including works to ensure an increased interoperability level.

CZK 9.2 billion (EUR 355 million) is the value of the completed investments in 2019, including 10 projects, of which 5 projects have an average value of CZK 1.3 billion (EUR 50.25 million). The highest value, of CKZ 1.5 billion (EUR 58 million) each, envisages the Plzeň junction which includes complete station reconstruction, two underpasses under all platforms and two reconstructed bridges. The second project, with the same value, envisages a complex reconstruction of the 10.6 km double track between Řikonín and Vlkov u Tišnova, as well as Řikonín Station and Níhov stop.

Important projects to be launched this year have a total value of CZK 32.8 billion (EUR 1.27 billion), envisaging 17 projects, of which two are related to ETCS deployment, valuated at CZK 590 million (EUR 22.8 million). One of these envisages the installation of a modern train control system on the connecting branch of Czech Rail Transit Corridors I and II from Přerov to Česká Třebová. The total value of the project is CZK 396 million (EUR 15.3 million). The second ETCS project has a value of CZK 194 million (EUR 7.5 million) and includes the introducing of the system on a part of Czech Rail Transit Corridor IV.

Two other rail projects have the highest investment level. CZK 4.9 billion (EUR 189.4 million) will be invested for construction works on Corridor IV, including a new double-track relocation, Zvěrotice Tunnel and two scaffold bridges.

CZK 4.8 billion (EUR 185.55 million) will be invested for the electrification of Uničov – Olomouc line, which will allow capacity and speed increase, to 160 km/h. Electrification works will also be performed on the 5-km Kadaň-Prunéřov – Kadaň section, on the Oldřichov u Duchcova – Litvínov and Šakvice – Hustopeče u Brna lines and two sections on Nedakonice – Říkovice line.

This year, SŽDC has launched important projects such as the electrification of Uničov – Olomouc and Šakvice – Hustopeče u Brna lines, the modernisation of the Soběslav – Doubí u Tábora section, situated on the Czech Rail Transit Corridor IV, as well as four construction sites in Krušné hory (Ore Mountains) region. “Dozens of other investments are being prepared “, Jiří Svoboda, Director General of SŽDC, said.

Works continue on the modernisation of Sudoměřice – Votice and Beroun – Králův Dvůr sections, on the Praha-Hostivař – Praha hlavní nádraží line in Prague, and the reconstruction of the Negrelli viaduct. In Moravia, works are ongoing on between Hrušovany u Brna and Židlochovice as well as directly at Brno main station where an extensive reconstruction of signalling equipment is being implemented.

Beside extensive investments oriented on the modernisation of the infrastructure, SŽDC implements and prepares reconstruction and repair works of the stations. In Q1 2019, CZK 568 million (EUR 22 million) was spent for investment and repair activities, representing 10 completed investments and 13 ongoing projects.

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