The E-Mobility Project of the city of Osijek aims to complement public transport by building infrastructure and purchasing bicycles and equipment which are based on a common bicycle use system. In addition, another objective is to introduce an integrated single ticketing system to increase the use of public transport and reduce CO2 emissions which will also be continued with the establishment of a new system for monitoring and managing transport systems.

Users of the public transport system of Osijek can replace the current transport modes with the introduction of modern forms with the main focus on reducing pollution, protecting the environment and improving public transport services.

This will be achieved by completing a network of public bicycles in the city and that of a system for monitoring and managing transport systems. These two main items result in the introduction of a single smart ticket for the Urban Passenger Transport Ltd. that is the partner of the E-Mobility Project of Osijek.

In total, 25 self-service stations will operate in the coming months which means that 2-3 stations per 10 000 inhabitants can be used within the public bicycle system of the city.

175 bicycles have been purchased, seven bicycles will be distributed at each self-service station and 16-19 bicycles will be available per 10 000 inhabitants.

At least 25% of the bikes are electric, with a total of 50 bicycles, so 2 bikes per station will be electric, so charging is possible at all stations. In addition to the purchase of mechanical and electric bicycles, appropriate software is provided, as well as the purchase of an electric vehicle with a bicycle redistribution trailer.

The energy needed for the operation of self-service stations comes from solar power plants that have been installed on the stations.

The total project value is  HRK 10,035,518.00 and 80% of it has been financed by the EU (HRK 8,530,190.30)

More information on the project is available here.