The niCE-life project aims to promote social inclusion and coordination of care for frail elderly people with moderate or low cognitive deficits including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease and other chronic diseases. Through the development of an internationally applicable model (based on the good practice of the e-Care network established in Bologna, Italy) the way has been opened up to use progressive technologies in particular sensor technologies, ICT, telemedicine and advanced data analysis techniques which are connected to health and care services for frail elderly people.

The main purpose is to improve the quality of care for chronically ill elderly people and support their independent lives, social contacts and home care after discharge from the hospital.

The University Hospital Olomouc is represented in the project through the National Telemedicine Centre that is involved in all activities of the project. The main role of the Centre is to design a technological solution based on good practice in Bologna, which will contribute to improving the quality of patient care discharged from hospital to home care and improving cooperation between the health and the social sector. As further part of the project a platform for sharing discharge reports and other patient information between the health sand the social sector will be created and tested so it is no longer necessary to exchange paper messages. Another aim is to ensure continuity of health and social care and choice for patients of the most appropriate forms of care provision. Cooperation in these areas is implemented together with the Olomouc City Council, namely with the Department of Social Affairs.

The total budget for the Olomouc University Hospital is EUR 182,886.75. The EU contribution is 85%, the remaining 15% is paid from the FN Olomouc’s own resources.

More information on the project is available here.