In the Hungarian town, Kecskemét the energy system of a local school has been completely renewed.  The aim of the project was to reduce the heat loss of the building and set up a new energy management by improving the comfort and daily quality of life of students and teachers. 

As a result of the investment, the school building has been modernized by facade insulation, integrated thermal and waterproofing of the flat roofs, replacement of facade doors and windows and heating radiators as well as by installation of new light sources of the kitchen room.

A 20 kW solar system was also set up at the facility and accessibility of the building to people living with disabilities was also achieved.

The design reduces not only the amount of energy wastes but also the environmental load, while significant cost savings can be achieved. The reduction in the amount of energy used will result in a reduction in CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions, which will achieve environmental and climate protection targets.

Through the energy modernisation of the local school, the municipality of Kecskemét County contributes to the preservation of environmental values, complies with the requirements of current domestic and EU legislation and takes also decisive action for the objectives set out in the city’s territorial development strategy on reducing CO2 emissions in order to achieve an eco-conscious green city that promote energy-saving solutions for its sustainable future development.

This EU-funded project helps also to promote citizens’ awareness of the use of energy-saving system in particular renewable energy sources. The project received a grant of HUF 291,109,400 from the European Union.

More information on the project is available here.